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Teachers are Generous

by Early Math Counts

There is so much teacher bashing out there, I thought I should share this post about how generous teachers are.  Anecdotally, I have know this for years.  I know teachers who pay for children to attend field trips.  I know teachers who buy clothes so everyone has a cubby with an extra set.  I know teachers who buy school supplies for their classrooms.  I know teachers who spend a LOT of their hard-earned paychecks on all sorts of miscellany for the children and families they serve.

They even pay for food for hungry children.  Yep- teachers are generous.

2 Replies to “Teachers are Generous”

  1. Thanks for saying that Jen, because I have purchased school supplies for my school age children, clothes and on field trips so my children can explore the world with their peers.,

    1. I bet you do April. I see teachers doing this all of the time and everyone has to remember that teachers are not rich. Can you imagine a lawyer buying staples for his office out of how own pocket. It wouldn\’t never happen.

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