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The Best Infant Manipulatives- The Soft House

by Early Math Counts

Much like the “Bucket Sorter” the Soft House is designed so that infants and toddlers can put things inside and take things out.  I have seen these with all sorts of themes, but my absolute favorite was a “Noah’s Ark” soft house that was filled with pairs of animals.  My first son’s name is Noah so we received every kind of Noah’s Ark toy, poster, sign, clothing, light switch plate (you get the picture) imaginable.

Sometimes, the animals, people, or objects are actually sewn to the house.  I imagine this is so the pieces don’t get lost.  I would cut them right off, so that children can really explore all of the possibilities that this manipulative has to offer.

Remember to use spatial language when playing with these toys.  Ask about putting the animals “inside” or “on top” of the house.  Look up the signs for these words so you can encourage those as well.  Encourage all sorts of language by labeling the objects and situating them near or around the house.

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