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The Snail’s Pace Game

by Early Math Counts

Snail's Pace GameThis board game is one of my absolute favorites for the very youngest children.  The company is European (Ravensburger) and specializes in developing beautifully made and appropriate games and materials for children.

The Snail’s Pace game is not about winning and losing, there will be plenty of time for that in all children’s lives, it is about predicting, taking turns and working together.

How to Play:

All of the snails are lined up on the starting line and children guess which one will get to the finish line first.  Each child then takes a turn rolling the die which is colored coded to match the colors of the snails.  If the child rolls “green” then the green snail moves ahead one step.  If the next child rolls “red” then the red snail moves ahead one step, and so on.  As the snails move the children can change their original guesses to whichever snail they think will cross first.  Remember, it is not about winning.

The Snail’s Pace game supports the emerging math concepts of prediction, matching, one-to-one-correspondence, and sequencing.  Your children will love this.

To find out more about Ravensburger products click here.

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