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Thursday Theme’s-April Means Weather

by Early Math Counts

Can you guess why I chose “Weather” as our theme for April?  If you have ever lived in Chicago in April, you know from experience, that you might encounter every single kind of weather known to humanity.  It will snow, rain, hail, and sleet. It will be freezing, mild, hot, or scorching.  It will be as humid as Hades and as dry as the Sahara.  Anything is possible when it comes to the weather in Chicago during April.


Weather is in and of itself filled with mathematics.  I finally learned what a negative number was when a teacher used a thermometer to illustrate “Below Zero” as negative numbers.  AHA! I got it!

We measure the weather, we predict the weather,and  we chart/graph the weather. During April we will look at a variety of ways to do all of this with young children.


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