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by Early Math Counts

Tinkering is a bold and exciting approach to curriculum that assumes several basic truths about children.

1.  Children are smarter than you think they are.

2.  Children are born problem-solvers.

3.  Children are capable.

4.  Children have great ideas.

5. Children learn from failure.

6. Children are competent.

It also assumes several basic truths about early childhood teachers.

1.  ECE teachers trust children.

2.  ECE teachers believe that children are capable and competent.

3.  ECE teachers believe that there is value in failing and trying again.

4.  ECE teachers are flexible about their expectations of children’s products.

5.  ECE teachers can step out and allow children to experiment on their own.

6.  ECE teachers know that with appropriate supervision, children can use many adult tools.

7.  ECE teachers believe that children are inherently curious.

Next week I will tell you a little bit more about Tinkering and ways you can include it in your program.



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