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All children want a “say” in what happens.  It is only fair that they should get some input in the the things that affect them.  Voting is a great way for young children to feel that they are involved in the decision-making processes of their day.

As an adult, remember to use voting as a means of decision-making only if you are going to respect the outcome of the vote.  If you present two options (three at the most for preschool aged children and younger) be sure that they are options that you are OK with.

When asked to vote, many young children will put up their hand for every option.  This is OK and to be expected.  For some it is hard to choose, and for others, their participation in the activity is the act of putting up their hand rather than making a choice.

No matter how they vote, be sure to use voting as an opportunity for children to count out loud.

Do you use voting as a decision-making process with your children?

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  1. The children love to vote! We vote for which game will be played in the gym, which story will be read and we even voted for which stuffed animal we wanted as president!

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