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Watch a Bug

by Early Math Counts

watch a bugI think this is hysterical.  It is a wristband that has a bug observation habitat covered in mesh netting so each child’s bug can stay alive while being worn and watched.  Can you imagine collecting your specimens while out on a walk and then each child putting one bug on each child’s wrist?  I think general havoc would ensue.  However, I don’t know your kids and you might have the perfect group for this activity.

Teaching children to be gentle and safe with all living creatures is an important goal, one that I think can be reinforced by creating an activity like this one.  Taking care of those who are smaller than us is a life lesson that starts early.  If you do choose to place bugs on children’s wrists, be sure to encourage the children to play gently with their bugs.  Explain that they are fragile creatures and the goal is to release them back into the great outdoors after they have the opportunity to observe them.


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