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We are DONE- Goal 10

by Early Math Counts

Which book do you like betterThis week marks the 8th Tuesday that I am unpacking the mathematics portion of the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards.  I can’t believe how long it has taken.  Do you think I should explore the Mathematics Core?  The Professional Teaching Standards?  Is this helpful to you?

Goal 10 is the final Goal in the Mathematics Section. It reads:

Begin to make predictions and collect and analyze data information.

I like this one.

Learning Standard A- Organize and describe data and information. 


10.A.ECa Organize, represent and analyze information using concrete objects, pictures and graphs, with teacher support.

10.A.ECb Make predictions about the outcome prior to collecting information with teacher support and multiple experiences over time.

Example Performance Descriptors

Organize materials to prepare for graphing (e.g., sort leaves by color; sort fruit by type).

Participate in an activity to create a data display using concrete objects or pictures (e.g., organize children’s favorite fruit in rows to demonstrate whether more children prefer apples or oranges).

Predict the outcome of an activity (e.g., predict that the class collected more yellow than red leaves on the nature walk before sorting and counting them).

Participate in an activity making a chart using pictures.

Compare numerical information derived from graphs to find answers to questions with teacher support as needed (e.g., use information depicted on a chart or graph to describe which classroom games are most popular).

Goal 10 -Learning Standard B

Gather information to answer questions. 


10.B.ECa Gather data about themselves and their surroundings.

Example Performance Descriptors

Formulate questions of personal interest (make a list of things to find out about, such as favorite cookies or how children get to school each day) and conduct surveys.

Discuss aspects of their environment and the collect relevant information, with teacher assistance as needed (e.g., discuss what kinds of insects love on the school playground and then go outside to investigate).

Goal 10 – Learning Standard C

Determine, describe and apply the probabilities of events.


10.B.ECa describe likelihood of events with appropriate vocabulary, such as possible, impossible, always, and never.

Example Performance Descriptors

Use appropriate vocabulary to describe the likelihood of an event (e.g., spring always comes after winter, or we will never have an elephant as a class pet).


The best way to look at Goal 10 is through some fabulous videos and pictures of teachers actually exemplifying some of the performance descriptors through engaging, appropriate activities with children.

Above, you can see one way that a teacher documents via a graph children’s preferences.  This group was investigating Eric Carle (my favorite) and they voted on their favorite of two books.  The children got to put their name underneath their choice, so there was a visual representation of the votes, who got the most, who voted for which book, and the difference between the two choices.

This video shows a teacher exploring earthworms with her group.  The children predict what they think will happen and then observe what actually happens.  The teacher puts their predictions on a chart, and then discusses the outcome with them.

The password to view the video is “Julissa”.

This video shows a teacher working in a small group as they explore sea creatures.  The teacher allows the children to explore the different creatures and then they get to choose their favorites.  She charts their preferences using pictures of their choices.  This creates a wonderful way for children to see who chose what creature, how many were chosen, and which creature was the favorite.

The password for this video is “Deloris”.



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