What’s the Matter With this Picture

by Early Math Counts

lunchtimeThis is the time of the year when I visit my student teachers at their practicum sites.  I am so lucky to live in Chicago where there are so many wonderful programs and classrooms for young children.  We have every kind of program imaginable; Montessori, half-day Head Start, full-day Head Start, Reggio-inspired classrooms, emergent curricula, Preschool For All, etc., etc., etc.

Sometimes, everything about a program is perfect, and then I see this.  What are nutritionists thinking when they present this food to children?  What do you see and what is the problem?  To me, it is obvious and sad.

Hint:  My husband would not have a problem with the food above.

2 Replies to “What’s the Matter With this Picture”

  1. besides being served on styrofoam (!), it\’s ALL. carbohydrates (was that pasta in red sauce?). no protein, no fruit, and the vegetable isn\’t very nutritious. but at least it was whioe wheat bread!

    1. no veggies! The people who make this food still believe that corn is a vegetable! Not pasta – some sort of mystery meat. Nobody could tell me from what animal?

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