www.mathathome.org (cont.) Exploring the site

by Early Math Counts

The Early Math Counts website is very easy to navigate and user-friendly.  Today I thought I could give you some tips for exploring the site.

The Home Page has a navigation bar along the top that links to the various areas of the site (these are in small green boxes).  The first one on the left says “Site Home“.  From there moving across the page you can find out information about this project by clicking on About M.A.T.H.  The next area is called Increase Your Knowledge which we will look at more closely next week. The Set up Your Environment area is still under construction but I will let you know when it is ready to go.

Find a Math Lesson is the next area which we will be exploring in a couple weeks time, but is filled with great lessons that you can investigate and begin to use.  Math Resources is divided into links and standards all connected to math learning.  Finally, on the far right you will see the link to this blog. In addition, there are four colorful boxes in the center of the page that also serve as links to the different areas of the site.

We are hoping to get some traffic moving through the site… What do you think?


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