by Early Math Counts

Wednesdays will focus on websites dedicated to supporting teachers who teach math to young children.  For the next few weeks, we will be exploring the Mathathome website in order to familiarize everyone with the different areas available.

For the past year many ECE educators have been working very hard to bring you this site. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group Foundation, along with support from National Louis University funded the development of this site (as well as this blog!)  It is our intention to make math for young children meaningful, deliberate and engaging.

One day, we hope that a focus on math for young children is as common as the focus on literacy.  If words are all around us, so are numbers- we just need to see them.

Go ahead and begin exploring the website www.mathathome.org.  Post any questions you have about the site and how to navigate it.  Next week, we will take a look at specific areas  to acquaint you with their purposes.

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